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Privacy Policy

for Spinny Bird by Christian Montoya d.b.a. Montoya Industries

Montoya Industries does not collect or store any user data. For various reasons, however, data is shared with third-party providers and may be stored by them as follows:

Apple, Google, and other platform providers

Usage and purchasing information is shared with platform providers such as Apple (App Store for iOS) and Google (Google Play for Android). As a user of these platforms, you would have agreed to their terms before downloading this app. This data is not made available to Montoya Industries in a user-identifiable fashion.

Google Admob, InMobi, Mobfox, and other ad providers

Anonymous tracking data may be collected by third-party ad providers. By downloading a free version of Spinny Bird and viewing ads, you are consenting to allow third-party ad providers to collect data in an anonymized fashion.